Is Competition Necessary for Success...

Is Competition Necessary for Success...

Published by admin on 15th September 2022


Is Competition Necessary for Success?

It is nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better. ~ Gianni Versace.

How do individuals feel about the competition around them? And is competition necessary to achieve success? In our world, we face numerous challenges, obstacles, setbacks and downfalls. In the same way, we try our best to tackle these all huddles with courage and responsibility. However, Competition is a different thing which we compete for. Thus, to fully understand what competition is along with its impact on human life. We are going to elaborate on the different dynamics of Competition in the best ways possible.

Success is only achieved when we face competition, and in today’s time, we deal with it in our school, college and professional life. Moreover, to achieve our goals, it becomes essential to compete against all the odds. Now, here comes the important thing which we are going to discuss; to achieve success, do we have to engage with others or just compete with our inner demons? 

Importance of Competition in Human Life 

We all know that it is impossible not having challenges in our academic, professional or personal life. Some consider competition as the most demanding part of human survival because when you are competing with others for the sake of accomplishing something, your life looks meaningful. So, according to this belief, we can say that to make our life relevant and purposeful, competition is important in human life. Hence, this shows the major influence contesting has on us, which indicates competition is connected with human welfare. 

Besides, we can’t judge this point of view because there can be numerous perspectives regarding the competition. Therefore, set up yourself and learn about the various perspectives of contention addressed below.

Several Perspectives of Competition

Competition as Rivalry between Individuals

When we look at our educational and professional regularities, it is all about a competition to be the best. By obtaining higher numbers of marks or gaining more skills, then another person decides who is capable and who isn’t. Hence, this meaning of competition between individuals has been part of human life. So, one thing becomes clear; achieving something by seizing the competition is called success.

Competition is Part of Human Nature

Deciding that one person is better than another could be possible when some kind of competition has been held. Thus, we can say that from the times of kings and imperialism to this democratic world, to decide who is best, there always will be the need for competition. We can take examples from everyday life. Such as

In simple terms, from this perspective, we learned that competition is the key to showcasing your success and life without challenging competitors is worthless.

Competition is Just a Myth 

Here comes another perspective where sometimes we believe it’s all in our mind and everything depends on faith and destiny. In rare cases, people come to a point where everyone is just playing their role in reaching a certain position which they call success.

Sometimes, this element looks like a spiritual kind of thing. On the other hand, it doesn’t involve human spirituality at all. Hence, by speculating that everything is written then, so many doubts come into our minds which can be based on religion and other fellowships. So, according to this thought that competition is not proving ourselves best but a process in which our position, rank and social stage change which can covert in success and failure.

Competition with Yourself

In the modern world, where mental health treatment has more focus; so many psychiatrists and spiritual coaches suggest that in this world, humans have one person in their competition, which is themselves. So, always try to compete with yourself, and after success in it, you will rise in the outer world. 

The main point of this self-discovering process is to kill your own demons such as self-doubt, stress, overthinking and laziness. Similarly, you are in a competition with your own inner negative thoughts and feelings. So, success is only possible when you are clear of all your inner doubts. 

How to Compete in a Competitive World

As off, we got the idea that how crucial the race towards so-called success can be. Thus, at every stage, you have to face the music of competition. Therefore, here are some ways you can use it in your daily life. 

Stay Focused on Your Aimed Goal

In this competitive world, there is competition, no matter if you are serving your country, doing business or doing part-time cheap assignment writing services as a freelancer. The essential thing is that you must have an eye on your vision which means you have to be on track no matter what. In the same way, it doesn’t matter what the world says about you because you are in a competition of your own.

Be in the Race of Your Own

Being in the race means avoiding destruction and keeping improving yourself. Every other person is the hero of their own story. Therefore, you may lose your tracks or be left behind. However, a never give up attitude will give you self-worth and a better understanding of how to be in the competition towards your aimed success.

Success is Never Ending Process 

The competition can’t get over because of the never-ending process of success; at the time of achieving something, the human mind is diverse to something else to go for. So, this is short and simple to understand; you got to keep going and try to compete every day. 

Be in the Game 

You have to be in the game because this is the only way you can be aware of future opportunities and prepare yourself for upcoming competitions. Life doesn’t end after you win or lose. Hence, the best thing about time is that it changes. Therefore, always be prepared and never leave the ground.

If there is success, then there will be competition to achieve it, and that is the reality of this world. You can’t expect to accomplish all without any hassle and struggle. So, never ever take things for granted and never give up!